Piping Stress Analysis And Supports OF GRE/GRP/FRP PIPING SYSTEM

Pressure piping made from GRE is becoming increasingly popular due to its high corrosion resistance and high strength to weight ratio. This development is driven by the need for lighter and more corrosion resistant components. Our experienced team have demonstrated the capability – as the first indigenous company -  to carry out Stress Analysis and Support of GRE/GRP/FRP Piping System (Firewater, Potable Water, Open and Close Drain Systems etc) governed by ISO 14692 which is a development of UKOOA document.

The GRE/GRP/FRP Piping System Load Cases such as expansion (EXP), sustained (SUS) and occasional (OCC) are defined by using ASME B31.3 methods while BS7159 methods are used to define that of System Design Parameters such as SIF, flexibility factors, pressure stress multipliers.

In order to maintain the integrity of GRE/GRP/FRP process piping systems and pipelines, stress analysis should be performed to ensure that the system can sustain all stresses and deformations requirements regarding the following factors:

  • Pipe work flexibility
  • Layout complexity
  • Pipe supports
  • Pipe work diameter
  • Magnitude of temperature changes
  • System criticality and failure risk assessment


We at SEL therefore evaluate the total piping system in order to specify any need of flexibility/stress analysis. Different loading conditions such as internal or external pressure, thermal, occasional and support loadings are determined, and then the related stresses and loads are evaluated and finally compared with the corresponding allowable stresses and loads respectively.

During analysis of GRE/GRP/FRP system, special considerations are given to the stress values in axial and hoop directions as the material being orthotropic. 

As a one-stop-shop, SEL completes your piping design with our pipe supports capabilities; we design, select and specify the most suitable pipe supports systems for the GRE/GRP/FRP piping systems, we also perform system design and selection of spring supports (variable and constant).

Some of the deliverables include;

  • Critical Line List for Stress Analysis
  • Piping Specifications, Stress Analysis and Supports for GRE/GRP/FRP pipes, fittings and flanges.
  • Comprehensive Stress Analysis Reports (Code Compliant Check, Pipe Restraints Loads, Equipment Nozzle Loads Verification, Flange Leakage Checks etc)
  • Dynamic Modal Analysis Checks
  • Stress Isometrics with detailed support types and locations.
  • Pipe Support MTO
  • Pipe Support Index
  • Pipe Support Standard Details Drawing