Local Capacity Engineering Trainings, Mentoring, Manpower Supply And Development

Providing comprehensive training in various disciplines of the oil and gas engineering design and management is a very important service we have embedded into core areas of our business. Our main objective is to grow our local competencies and build the capacities of our young and experienced Engineers as envisaged, highlighted and mandated by NCDMB. 

Our training sessions will serve to bridge the gap between what the graduates have theoretically learnt in school and the practical knowledge and approaches required in the oil and gas industry. This will greatly assist them to seamlessly fit into the corporate engineering world.

Our software trainings are designed to include some background theories and the Engineering basis behind the software. While we do this, we ensure that our sessions are not boring with plenty mathematical formulae but interactive and revealing; our trainers have proven hands-on experience using these tools on some major projects in Nigeria and beyond; experience from conceptual design to FEED and detailed engineering design.

Our trainers will also be available to mentor interested candidates after completion of our trainings; they can always contact us for some technical assistance and guidance.

Furthermore, one of our characteristic offerings is in the area of Manpower Supply and Development Services. This involves the provision of technical professionals on a contractual agreement basis for the execution of projects in the clients’ offices. We have ever growing resume database of professionals across the spectrum of the Oil and Gas business in Nigeria. 

When you need the best people to train your engineers, we are the perfect fit.

Some of our training sessions include;

N.B. Flexible one-on-one training is available for individuals as well as in-house corporate sessions for engineers within the company’s schedules.