This is one of the unique services SEL is bringing to our clients. It is a freelance analysis and design service. e-analyzrs saves you time when all you need is a quick analysis, check and concise report.

This service is most suitable when you are working on a marginal project where systems are comparatively simple but you still need to analyze, verify and validate.

e-analyzrs is not limited to the core competencies of SEL but very open to other relevant areas of engineering design and analysis like Civil / Structural Engineering, Pipeline Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  Process Engineering etc.

We have a robust network of our contemporaries in these fields that will be eager to offer their service at an affordable rate.

Loosely put, a typical e-analyzrs process cycles are as follows:

  1. You send us an email ([email protected]) stating your problem statement and a brief overview of your project.
  2. We respond informing you of our availability to offer our service.
  3. You send us more information, including isometrics, GA, process data etc
  4. Using the information in (iii.) above, we give you an e-invoice of how much it will cost.
  5. If you agree to (iv.) above, you pay us 50% upfront to proceed.
  6. We acknowledge the receipt of payment and we proceed with your job.
  7. At completion of job (within the agreed stipulated time), we provide some basic preliminary reports (in PDF) of the complete reports.
  8. Complete report is sent at the payment of the outstanding 50%.

 It’s very flexible, after all it is freelance!