Pipeline Engineering:

  • Pipeline Design Scope of Work
  • Basic Concept and Definitions
  • Stages of Pipeline Projects
  • Data Collection Method for Design
  • Requirements for Pipeline Project Execution
  • Standards, Codes and Regulation
  • Pipeline Network and Gathering System


Materials Selection, Specification and Fittings:

  • Introduction to Class And Schedule
  • Application Of Code/Standard And Selection
  • Methods of Pipe Connections
  • ANSI B16.6 and API 6A Pressure Rating
  • Determination of Pressure Break
  • Types, Materials, Classes and Specifications of Pipes, Valves and Fittings


Development and Applications of Basic Equations and Factors:

  • Bernoulli’s Equation
  • Darcy’s  Equation
  • Reynold’s Number
  • Liquid And Gas Viscosity 
  • Relative Roughness 
  • Frictional Factor - Equation and Charts.
  • Z – Factor Correlation
  • General and Empirical Hazen – Williams Equation For Liquids.
  • Isothermal, General, Weymouth and Panhandle Equations.
  • Approximate Equations for Small Pressure Drops
  • Spitzglass Equation for Very Low Pressure Line
  • Fritzsch’s and Babcock Equation for Steam Flow.
  • AGA, API RP 14 E and Other Empirical Equations for 2-Phase Flow
  • Application of Pressure Drop Equations
  • Effects of Elevation on Pipeline Pressure Drop


Head Loss in Valves and Fitting:

  • Resistance and Flow Coefficients
  • Equivalent Length Determination
  • Flow Rate and Surge Factor Consideration
  • Pressure Drop Consideration
  • Erosion Velocity


Line Sizing Determination:

  • Single Phase Liquid and Gas Line Sizing
  • 2- Phase Line Sizing
  • Multiphase Line Sizing
  • Industrial Standard and Design Code Requirement
  • General Hoop Stress Formula
  • ASME/ANSI, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8 Equation
  • Location Class Determination


Pipe Stress Calculation:

  • Weight Stress.
  • Internal Pressure Stress
  • Thermal Stress
  • Expansion
  • Pipe Dynamic
  • Dynamic Load
  • Span Analysis Calculation (Spacing for pipe support) 


Pipeline Rout selection and Overall Map:

  • On Bottom Stability in Pipeline Design
  • Alignment Sheet Configuration
  • Procedure and Consideration for Buried and Crossing
  • Right of Way Consideration (Road, River, Rail Crossing)
  • Data Sheet Specification.