About the Training

This training is designed to introduce the theories, concepts, basic engineering principles of pipe stress analysis and the use of CAESAR II for pipe stress analysis.

Engineering background is a prerequisite but prior knowledge of piping stress and CAESAR II is not a must. Examples with hand calculations will be illustrated; however, formulae and computations will be limited to the required minimum (it will not bore you!). Sample models will be analyzed to include most common and important stress analysis issues (from experience). Daily sessions will be partly theoretical and partly CAESAR II training/practice.

The STRANSAGE training philosophy will make the attendees appreciate the application of ASME codes and standards for piping design and how to design a code compliant piping system.

Our sessions will make you a user of CAESAR II with appreciable knowledge of Pipe Stress Analysis.



CAESAR II by Intergraph (US) is the most widely used software for pipe stress analysis. The seamless GUI system makes CAESAR II very user friendly, and can analyze piping systems situated on both onshore and offshore environments. CAESAR II has the capabilities for both static and dynamic analyses for various load cases including; dead sustained weight, hydro test, thermal - operating, seismic-earthquake, wind, wave, equipment settlement, PSV discharge, slug force, fatigue loads and so on. CAESAR II features for code compliance check provides the user with an easy and reliable means for comparing and validating stresses against most relevant industry codes and standards. Structural supports loads can be easily accessed for post-processing from the easy-to-use nodal system and comprehensive restraint summary reports.


Who should attend this training?

These introductory sessions are most appropriate for Piping & Layout Engineers and Designers who are seeking to become Pipe Stress Engineers or to expand their versatility. However, the following professionals will equally find our training beneficial; Piping Supports Engineers, Mechanical Engineers (Including Fresh and Serving Corp (NYSC) members), Field Piping Inspectors, Structural Engineers and Project Engineers. 



  • Overview of Pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Background Theories; Failure Modes, Stress Types and Failure Theories, 
  • ASME B31.3 Stresses & Allowable; Sustained, Expansion and Occasional Stresses.
  • Simplified Stress Check; Guided Cantilever Method.
  • CAESAR II User Interface; Input Generation, Model Building, Error Checking, Building Load Cases, Analysis, Post Processing, and Reporting.
  • CAESAR II Load Case Building.
  • Sizing Expansion Loops for Thermal Expansion.
  • Equipment Nozzle Load Check; API for Pumps & Air-Coolers, NEMA SM-23 Compressors, Etc.
  • Flange Leakage Verification; Pressure Equivalent Method.
  • Stress Intensification Factors (SIF)
  • Functional Pipe Supports. 
  • Spring Supports (Variable and Constant).