About the Training

This training is designed to introduce the theories, concepts, and basic engineering principles of pressure vessels and the use of PV-Elite software for pressure vessels design.

Basic engineering knowledge is a prerequisite. However, the training is tailored towards building knowledge from the basics. Examples with hand calculations will be illustrated and relationship of variables will be discussed. Formulae and computations will be used as applicable with illustrations in a lively manner. The session will be highly interactive with participants encouraged to solve design problems purposely to strengthen confidence and competency. Several examples of design will be illustrated, project based design challenges will be addressed. There shall be sessions for software design of pressure vessel and industry based challenges will be addressed.

The Stransage training philosophy will make the attendees appreciate the application of ASME codes and standards for design of pressure vessel.


Who should attend this training?

These introductory sessions are most appropriate for Mechanical Engineers and Site Engineers who are seeking to become experts in Pressure Vessel Design or to expand their versatility.


About PV Elite

PV Elite by Intergraph (US) is the most widely used software for pressure vessel design. The Graphical User Interface makes PV Elite very user friendly, and can analyse pressure vessels and shell and tube heat exchangers, with a display to appreciate the modelling and visually see impact of change in design parameter(s). It can be used for analysing both horizontal and vertical pressure vessels with different head configurations available. It provides amongst others the empty weight, operating weight and hydrotest weight for pressures.



Introduction to Pressure  Vessel

Definition of Pressure Vessels

Classifications and Types

Applications of Pressure Vessel

Components of Pressure Vessel

Design Codes and Standards/ Common Design Terminologies

Material Selection


Introduction to ASME Section 8 Div 1 /Pressure  Vessel Design

Brief Introduction to ASME Section VIII  Div 1

Procedure For Designing Pressure Vessel

Design And Analysis of Pressure Vessels (Practical Section)

Wall Thickness Calculation for Shell and Dish Ends

Pressure Vessel Weight Estimate


Pressure  Vessel Data Sheet Preparation

Interpretation ond Use Of Process Datasheet

Preparation of Pressure Vessel Data Sheet

Completion Of Mechanical Datasheet


Pressure  Vessel Specification

Guidelines on Preparation of Pressure Vessel Specification


Introduction to PV-ELITE

Introduction to Interface Tools

Design Data Input and Modeling


Introduction to PV-ELITE

Design  and Modeling of Vertical Vessel

Design  And Modeling of Nozzle and Flange Input/  Skirt

Modeling of Internal, Lining, and Liquid Level


Introduction to PV-ELITE

Design  and Modeling of Horizontal Vessels

Design  and Modeling of Nozzle and Flange Input

Modeling of Internal, Lining, and Liquid Level

Modeling of the Saddle


Introduction to PV-ELITE

Design  and Modeling of Vertical/Horizontal Vessel with one Flat End


Introduction to PV-ELITE

Interpretation of PV-Elite Result/ How to Resolve Warnings